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Race Car
Tub Race Car
During 2003 Henleycraft was approached to produce the tooling and initially the prototypes for a road legal, single seater Kit Car.
3d Model Race Car
3d Model Kit Car
A solid model was designed on CAD by the customer and various different designs were considered and modelled on computer before a pattern was produced.
PU Foam Model
PU Foam Model 2
Once the concept was finalised a PU Foam Pattern was built up in sections and hand crafted to the required shape.
PU Foam Model High Build
PU Foam Model Filler Primer
The PU Foam Pattern was then prepared with filler and primer polyester coats and flattened to a smooth finish.
PU Foam Model Filler Primer 2
The Pattern was then sprayed finally with a high gloss black finishing coat. The next stage was to address any minor imperfections with fine wet and dry paper. The whole pattern was then polished to a glass like finish.
PU Foam Model Filler Primer 3
High Gloss Race Car Pattern
High Glos Race Car Pattern 2
Race Car Pattern Preparation
Parting flanges were then built around the pattern in the appropriate places to allow for the mould to be manufactured in six separate components. This enabled the dismantling of the mould for the finished GRP moulding to be removed.
GRP Mould Clamps
GRP Mould Clamps were extensively used in the manufacture of the moulds to allow for the ease of assembly, alignment of the moulds and to create a near perfect seam on the finished moulding. (see GRP Mould Clamp link).
GRP Mould Clamp 2
Race Car Mould
Race Car Pattern Flange Preparation
Once the mould was complete it was released from the pattern prepared for manufacture and the six separate moulds were then bolted together. The use of the GRP Mould Clamps insured the moulds were perfectly aligned.
Race Car Mould Build
Race Car Mould Rear
Race Car Body Shell
Car Body Shell 2
GRP Race car Mould in Production
The completed moulding ready to be delivered to the customer
Race Car Body Shell 3
Race Car Complete
Race Car Complete 2
Race Car Complete 3
Race Car Complete 4
Race Car Complete 5
“The one-piece body is a masterpiece of moulding”
Kitcar June 2007
“And then there’s the quality, the body is in gel-coat colour and achieves a perfect, deep and lustrous shine that also makes a superb canvas for some really original graphics.”
Kitcar June 2005