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Lawn care
During the 1980's Henleycraft Ltd worked closely with one of our customers design department who commissioned a top designed company to produce styling pictures for their new Golf Course Greens Cutter.
These artistic impressions were the basis of which the design & engineering department worked closely with Henleycraft Ltd to produce prototype engineering drawings. From these drawings our pattern maker manufactured prototype timber moulds.
Two sets of GRP Mouldings were then produced and delivered to our customer for 'fit & function' evaluation. Slight modifications were then carried out as a result of these trials and production engineering drawings were then draughted.
With a copy of these drawings our pattern maker was able to produce nine timber patterns, which were then passed to our mould making department. Sixteen high gloss and two matt finish GRP moulds were produced enabling the production of two sets of GRP components per day.
Many of these machines are still in existence today, comments from service engineers such as ' a quick polish over and they're as good as new' is testimony of the durability of GRP in a sustained working environment.
Ransomes GT Concept Lawn Mower
Ransomes Lawn Mower Concept
Ransomes Lawn Mower GT Prototype
Ransomes Lawn Mower GRP Prototype Covers
Ransomes GT Lawn Mower