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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) more commonly known as Fibreglass. The process of GRP Moulding is unique in that you are manufacturing the material and product in the same process. The ability to form the materials using the technique of 'laminating' into small complex shapes to very large complex shapes, enables an endless variety of products to be manufactured, from domestic roof gutters to mine sweeping vessels, garden ponds to beach buggies.

The material also allows for the repair of damaged components and with the appropriate skills very little if at all no visible evidence of the original damage. Repairs such as to pleasure boat, yachts, motor vehicles, caravans and vehicle bumpers are easily undertake by the DIYer. Using a Gelcoat applied to a mould face prior to the laminating process can not only give very high quality surface finishes but also interesting effects. There are different variations of granite colours, mirror flake and glitters and when applied to a mould with a leather effect pattern it is very difficult to distinguish from real leather without touching it. Many model enthusiasts use GRP to make model boats, planes, hovercraft and cars.

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